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Unable to see metric data from Cisco Fortigate routers


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


No data for any of the Cisco Fortigate devices is seen for CBQoS metrics.

The devices are properly discovered. They show support for:

  • Metric Family: QoS ClassMap
  • Vendor Certification: Cisco CBQos ClassMap (HC)

There are items discovered that show as Active and Polled for the devices from that Metric Family.

Why do we always see "No Data Available" messages in DX NetOps Performance Management (PM) Performance Center (PC) Portal View charts for QoS ClassMap metric data?


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


The devices do not support the MIB OIDs required to successfully poll for the metrics from the "Cisco CBQos ClassMap (HC)" named Vendor Certification.


The MIB OIDs required for the Vendor Certification involved are all in the range.

When using the sapwalk2 tool to query the device, none of the required OIDs in that range were returning data. There was enough information to build items, but the OIDs polled for data values were missing or empty.

To resolve this requires resolving the missing MIB OIDs on the device.