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How the Telemetry User used for Symantec Endpoint Encryption Management Server


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Endpoint Encryption


Symantec Endpoint Encryption Management Server uses telemetry as most Symantec products do.  This article will discuss how this works. 


Symantec Endpoint Encryption Management Server allows Opting in or out of the Community Quality Program.  This program will allow some anonymous information to be sent to Symantec Enterprise Division for the purpose of analysis to make our products better.  

The following screen is available on the SEEMS Configuration Manager:



As is mentioned in the above screenshot, all information collected is anonymous and cannot be tied to a specific user, or device that could be considered sensitive information.  All of this information is done using a secure connection to the destination at Symantec Enterprise Division.

In some environments, opting in to this program may not be allowed.  For others, it may not be allowed to have any telemetry functionality at all to be able to use.

If it is not possible to participate in this, simply uncheck the box.  If it is required to disable this functionality on the backend, there is a database user "see_telemetry_user" that can be viewed.  Look at this with your Database Administrator to determine if the user can still reside in the database environment.  

If it is still required to disable this user, this will not disable any functionality for the general use of Symantec Endpoint Encryption.  If you are running Symantec Endpoint Encryption 11.3.0 or older, disabling this account may get enabled again after an upgrade to another version of  SEE 11.3.0.  If you are upgrading to SEE 11.3.1 or above, this account will not be re-enabled during the upgrade.  


If deleting this account is necessary, Symantec Enterprise Division strongly recommends taking a backup of the SEE database prior to doing so.

TIP: Symantec Enterprise Division strongly recommends making frequent backups of your database on a regular basis as this is required to recover in the event of a failed system.

Once a backup has been taken, deleting this "see_telemetry_user" can be done and should not affect any further upgrades.  If you are on SEE 11.3.0 and deleted this account, it may be recreated post upgrade.  Symantec Enterprise Division recommends waiting until you are on 11.3.1 before deleting this account as well as taking backups.

There are a few additional users that are created in the SEE Database during install:

There are a few more database accounts that are created by SQL Server that should not be deleted per Microsoft's recommendation  These accounts are "guest", "sys" and another SQLTelemetry account.   For more information on these accounts, consult the Microsoft documentation.

If there are any additional questions on this, please contact Symantec Support for further assistance and guidance:

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