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Siteminder ODBC (MySQL/MariaDB) User Directory


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When running Policy Server with ODCB MariaDB as User Store, the Policy
Server can't connect to the database and report error :

  [104827/140016403609344][Thu Apr 29 2021
  Unexpected error in database interface. Error code -1063
  [104827/140016403609344][Thu Apr 29 2021
  10:09:50][SmDsOdbcProvider.cpp:645][ERROR][sm-Odbc-00210] Failed to
  connect to any of the following data sources: 'myDataSource'.
and the MariaDB database reports :
  2021-04-29 7:50:38 10710 [Warning] Aborted connection 10710 to db:
  'myDataSource' user: 'myuser' host: '' (Got an
  error reading communication pack)




At first glance, as per our Support Matrix, MariaDB has not been
certified with Policy Server 12.8, only MySQL 5.x (1).

More, as Policy Server runs Progress (DataDirect) ODBC driver, you
should note that Progress supports only MySQL ODBC Database. There's
no support for MariaDB (2)(3).


Additional Information



    Symantec SiteMinder 12.8 Product Support Matrix

      | Data Store System | Version | User Store |
      | Oracle MySQL      |     5.x | Yes        |
      | Enterprise Server |         |            |

    Is MariaDB supported by DataDirect ODBC driver?

      As per the following product supported configuration page, MariaDB
      is not supported at this time:

      Also, the DataDirect MySQL ODBC driver does not support connecting
      to MariaDB at this time.
    Supported Configurations

       Database Support 
 MySQL Enterprise Edition 5.0 and higher