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Customizing the Clarity Action Item (Process) Notification Body


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In the notification email received when an action item is generated by process, the hyperlink "Click here" is being displayed in the middle of the page. We would like to change the position and have "Click Here" beside the text "To access this action item, " at the end. Is this possible?




There are out of the box Clarity notifications that are generated when Action Items are triggered or when users are added as participants to projects, among other processes. You can see and modify the content of all out of the box notifications by opening the Administration menu and choosing Notifications from the Data Administration column. However there are some limitations when making changes to the template as the formatting/positioning of the 'Click Here' box is centered within the notification body. At this time we are not able to impact the formatting of 'Click Here'  in the out of the box notification templates. Being able to do so is considered an enhancement request (not a bug).

Please note you may be able to accomplish this task using custom notifications are sent out as action items in a process using the option of customizing the notification body in the gel scripts to send emails.

Additional Information

Please find the link below to all the information regarding the Innovation call with Product Management.

- Who can attend the call?
The voting rep for the company and anyone they want to forward on to in their organization.
- Who is the voting rep and does every customer get one?
Each organization is entitled to one rep per production instance for any paid production instance over 50 users. (This excludes most partner instances, for example.)
- How can customers get invited to the call?
Once a customer has identified their rep via e-mail to [email protected], they receive the invite to the monthly calls, which they are welcome to forward to other interested parties. (See more details at: