ASM OPMS use of yum.conf and puppet older version
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ASM OPMS use of yum.conf and puppet older version


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We recently installed OPMS on our Linux server and there were concerns raised by our OS team on why an OS level file (/etc/yum.conf) is modified with the proxy details. Also, we noticed that the installer installs a newer version of puppet (6.x) which doesn't work with the installer and we have to downgrade it to version 3.6. If puppet is being used by other applications on the same OS, this solution is not going to work.


Release : SAAS



The installer needs Puppet version (3.6) because instead of upgrading to newer version (basically rewriting all the Puppet scripts) ASM Development team decided to head towards dockerization of the station so when we get there, the Puppet scripts will be scrapped and no longer needed.
This can be worked around by installing the old Puppet (3.6) manually before launching the OPMS installer.
If other applications need a newer puppet you can install it once the OPMS station is installed. OPMS doesn't need puppet for running, only for installing it. You can 1) install old puppet manually, 2) install OPMS and 3) uninstall or install the latest version of puppet.

The installer doesn't modify the yum.conf. It is reading from that file the OS proxy configuration to apply the same proxy for docker daemon (to pull images). Some agents (e.g. https, webdriver,...) are also able to read that proxy configuration and use it if required by the monitor