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How to tell which SFP module to use for 10Gb/s port


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If there is no link light for the 10Gb/s fibre port and the interface does not appear in Capture -> Summary, it could be that the wrong SFP is inserted.  This may happen if the SFP is mixed with an inventory of others or it is not retrieved from the shipping container when received.

The correct SFP must be used.


The wrong SFP is used from another fibre port.


There are two SFPs.  When the correct one is inserted, reboot and the interfaces should be recognized.  An additional method for testing is to connect one cable to both 10Gb/s fibre ports.  This is also called a loopback.  This should cause a link light to appear on the hardware and the Capture -> Summary screen should show in black that there is a 10Gb/s link on both fibre ports.

Finisar for the S500 -

Intel SFP+ for the Dell systems -

The Intel X520 card will only work with two Intel-specified SFP+ modules (listed below). No other modules will work in the X520 card. These are the model numbers for the SFPs and the Short Range Optic is what is shipped with the system.

  • E10GSFPSR – Intel® Ethernet SFP+ Short Range Optic – E65689-001
  • E10GSFPLR – Intel® Ethernet SFP+ Long Range Optic – E65685-001