Cisco BGP peer table empty
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Cisco BGP peer table empty


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Have some Cisco Nexus switches with the BGP Peer Table in the Information tab with no data.


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The Cisco Nexus - IMO1SCDC1.walk does not have any data in the cbgpPeer2Entry OIDs:

These are the information Spectrum retrieves from the device to display in the Cisco BGP Peer Table Columns:

Identifier - cbgpPeer2RemoteIdentifier (0x213659) attribute ID (OID:
State - cbgpPeer2State (0x213650) attribute ID (OID:
Admin Status - cbgpPeer2AdminStatus (0x213651) attribute ID (OID:
Negotiated Version - cbgpPeer2NegotiatedVersion (0x213652)  attribute ID (OID:
Local Address - cbgpPeer2LocalAddr (0x213653) attribute ID (OID:
Local Port - cbgpPeer2LocalPort (0x213654) attribute ID (OID:
Remote Address - cbgpPeer2RemoteIdentifier (0x213659) attribute ID (OID:
VRF Name -  (0x4820181) attribute ID
Remote Port - cbgpPeer2RemotePort (0x213657) attribute ID (OID:
Remote As - cbgpPeer2RemoteAs (0x213658) attribute ID (OID:
In Updates - bgpPeer2InUpdates (0x21365a) attribute ID (OID:
Out Updates - bgpPeer2OutUpdates (0x21365b) attribute ID (OID:
In Total Messages - bgpPeer2InTotalMessages (0x21365c) attribute ID (OID:
Out Total Messages - bgpPeer2OutTotalMessages (0x21365d) attribute ID (OID:
Last Error - bgpPeer2LastError (0x21365e) attribute ID (OID:
Established Transitions - bgpPeer2FsmEstablishedTransitions (0x21365f) attribute ID (OID:
Established Time - bgpPeer2FsmEstablishedTime (0x213660) attribute ID (OID:
Retry Interval - bgpPeer2ConnectRetryInterval (0x213661) attribute ID (OID: 
Hold Time - bgpPeer2HoldTime (0x213662) attribute ID (OID:
Keep Alive - bgpPeer2KeepAlive (0x213663) attribute ID (OID:
Configured Hold Time - bgpPeer2HoldTime (0x213662) attribute ID (OID:
Configured Keep Alive - bgpPeer2KeepAliveConfigured (0x213665) attribute ID (OID:
Min AS Origination Interval - bgpPeer2MinASOriginationInterval (0x213666) attribute ID (OID: 
Min Route Advertisement Interval -  bgpPeer2MinRouteAdvertisementInterval (0x213667) attribute ID (OID:
In Update Elapsed Time - bgpPeer2InUpdateElapsedTime (0x213668) attribute ID (OID:

From the $SPECROOT/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/WEB-INF/topo/config/table-cisco-bgp4app-peertable-config.xml file:


Engage the device's administrator to further investigate the missing information in the device's MIB.


CISCO BGP4 Peer2 Entry
The entry containing information about the connection with a BGP peer.
The cbgpPeer2Entry is part of the CISCO-BGP4-MIB MIB.