Daylight Savings Time updates for 2012 on Visual Studio C++
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Daylight Savings Time updates for 2012 on Visual Studio C++


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How can Visual C++ for versions Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 be updated, in order to take advantage of the latest Daylight Savings Time corrections for 2012, so that time calculations can appear correctly for both C++ and Aion?


  1. You need to obtain modules that contain the Daylight Savings Time correction from Microsoft.

    1. For Visual Studio 2005
      Apply the service pack from

    2. For Visual Studio 2005 service pack 1
      Apply the service pack from

      Depending on the Visual Studio 2005 service pack, it is possible to perform step 1a or 1b, but not both.

  2. Copy MSVCR80.DLL, MSVCP80.DLL, and MSVCM80.DLL and the associated manifest file to the appropriate directory.

    If you develop Aion applications these files could be placed in a directory similar to:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\ce\Dll\x86

    If you do not develop Aion applications then the correct directory is the subdirectory of C:\Windows\winsxs that contains MSVCR80.DLL.

    You may need assistance from the staff that develops Aion applications.

  3. Normally Aion applications reference the daylight savings time functionality dynamically. However, if you are an application developer and your Aion appliications are statically linked (/MT option) then you will need to rebuild them after installing the VS2005 service pack.

  4. If you are an application developer you can verify that the correct time values are returned by the CurrentTime method as follows:

    var t Time
    t = CurrentTime()
    MessageBox( format(t,FMT_FLAG_NODATE or FMT_TIME_LOCALE), "The time is:" )


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