Disable email for Web Viewer 12.1
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Disable email for Web Viewer 12.1


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Output Management Web Viewer


Unable to figure out an user friendly way to disable email. The dialog currently forces you to choose ActiveX or SMTP but does not allow you to select neither of them.



Release : 12.1

Component : CA Output Management Web Viewer


You can only disable emailing by role.

  1. Select the Administration tab
  2. Select Role
  3. Click on the role name on the left hand side
  4. Click on properties on the right hand side
  5. For eMailing, Select Disable
  6. Click on update on the upper right
  7. Do this for each role for which you want to disable emailing.

The email choice will not show up either in the icons in the top bar or in the drop down if it has been disabled for the role.

Additional Information

Please note that emailing cannot be turned off for the SYSAdmin role.

Refer to our online documentation at Managing Output defaults for Printing, emailing.