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JCLNeat: Global String Replacement and // blank lines added


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JCLCheck Workload Automation


Using the JCLNeat Global String Replacement Feature ( //GSRCNTL DD ) to replace 'string1' with 'string2' in one or more JCL members, if 'string2' is longer than 'string1', then sometimes it happens that a // blank line is added to the JCL member immediately after the line in which the substitution has been done. 

This problem only occurs if the JCL member has line numbers in cols 73-80.

In this way the Output JCL is wrongly reformatted and it will cause JCL ERROR in Production. 

How to bypass this problem? 


Release : All

Component : CA JCLCheck workload Automation


It is necessary to remove the wrong line numbers using the ISPF UNNUM command in order to have the Global String Replacement working correctly, avoiding to add the // blank line.