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Where can I find the log file for the SCM Visual Studio Plugin?


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Where can I find log files for CA Harvest SCM Visual Studio Plugin?


CA Harvest SCM Visual Studio Plugin


The location of the log files produced by the Visual Studio Plugin can be found (and changed) on the "Logging" tab inside the "Options" window.  To navigate to this window, select "Tools" and "Options" from the Visual Studio menu:

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In the tree view on the "Options" window navigate to "Source Control" and "Logging":

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The path to the log files can be found in the "Logfile path" field at the top.  If you wish to store your log files in a different location, click the "..." button to the right of this field and navigate to the folder you prefer to use.  Once you have completed your settings on this window, click the "OK" button to confirm and close the window, and then close and restart Visual Studio for your changes to take effect.

Additional Information:

More information on how to use the Visual Studio Plugin can be found in the Plug-In for Microsoft Visual Studio User Guide. Inside this guide, details about the fields and options on the "Logging" tab can be found on the Specify Log Options page.



Release: SCMNCR99000-12.5-Harvest-Software Change Manager-Named User-Competitive Replacem


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