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Dx Spectrum - AlarmNotifier no longer starts


Article ID: 214676


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CA Spectrum


After restarting the server, alarmNotifier does not start.


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Spectrum services getting stuck on restart.


Restart of processd may cause multiple OneClick processes, hence try a restart of processd with root account:

  1. Stop alarmnotifier from your session
  2. From $SPECROOT/tomcat/bin stop Spectrum tomcat (
  3. From $SPECROOT/lib/SDPM run ./ restart
  4. Verify with "ps -ef | grep tomcat" if the Spectrum tomcat has been restarted
  5. Verify with "ps -ef | grep AlarmNotifier" if the alarmnotifier has been started.


Additional Information

Please visit KB Alarm Notifier will not start for a related situation where user wasn't defined in the Spectrum application.

If the issue still persist please contact support with the following documentation:

  • Get entire VNM.out files.


  • MapUpdate details.
  1.  Log into the SpectroSERVER system that is configured as the Main Location Server Name in the OneClick Administration -> Spectrum Configuration web page and open a bash shell.
  2. cd to the $SPECROOT/SS-Tools directory and Enter the following command to view the landscape map:

         /MapUpdate -v