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Unable to access Web UI (WCC) page, with message "You cannot visit <hostname> right now because the website uses HSTS."


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


When trying to access the AutoSys Web UI url https://hostname:port/wcc , the following message is displayed:

"You cannot visit <hostname> right now because the website uses HSTS."


Web UI 12.x


HSTS is enabled and its settings can sometimes inadvertently generate messages such as this which prevent access to the Web UI url.


Usually, clearing the HSTS cache in your browser is sufficient. This forces the browser to forget the cached HSTS settings for the specific Web UI url.

Steps to clear HSTS cache:


Type in chrome://net-internals/#hsts into the address bar and click enter to open the HSTS Settings pages
In the ‘QUERY DOMAIN‘ search box, enter the website where your having the problem and click QUERY
If the website is listed, enter it into the ‘DELETE DOMAIN‘ selection and click the button


Open the History page (CTRL + SHIFT + H)
Find the site you’re having problems with
Right-click the site and choose FORGET ABOUT THIS SITE
Restart Firefox

Additional Information

Here are some links containing additional information as to what HSTS is, how to enable it and configure it and how HSTS settings can inadvertently generate errors: