FAVER2 STORE fails with error f2065 - VSAM Structure Error - RDF error rc=8
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FAVER2 STORE fails with error f2065 - VSAM Structure Error - RDF error rc=8


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FAVER VSAM Data Protection



CA FAVER2 backup failures occur with the error message

f2065 - VSAM structure error - RDF error rc=8. 


This error is a warning that CA FAVER2 has detected a structure error in the RDF of the VSAM file during the backup (CA FAVER2 STORE or EXPORT).

During a CA Faver2 STORE, CA Faver2 performs an intensive integrity check of the VSAM file as it is being backed up. This to insure that a successful LOAD may occur during the reorg step. CA Faver2 checks to make sure the RDFs and CIDF fields at the end of the VSAM CI are correct and properly point to the records and free space within the VSAM file.

If any inconsistencies exist during this integrity check, an error is produced with a return code of 8 and the VSAM dataset is dropped from the backup.

CA Faver2 STORE may continue on to the next dataset to be backed up or terminate the job depending on your CA Faver2 ESTOP setting.


This error normally happens when CA Faver2 Option EXO (export open) is turned on and a dataset is open in CICS for update during a CA Faver2 STORE/ backup.

Other occurrences may be the result of a prior system crash during a VSAM update and the dataset was unable to complete its update with success. For ESDS files being used by DL/1, this error may occur if the DL/1 database is using CILEVEL processing for its ESDS components.

  1. Turn EXO off (if a dsn is open it will be skipped during the backup)

  2. Schedule your REORG during a window with no VSAM updates occurring to the files.

  3. If the dataset is an ESDS file that is accessed by DL/1 or any application using cilevel processing, you may try setting CA Faver2 OPTION CILEVEL to allow CA Faver2 to backup that file in CILEVEL mode. Note: This option only applies for ESDS files.


Component: FAVER2