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"Invalid value(s) in request for planType" error opening project through Financials visual


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


A project blueprint has been configured so one of the visuals points to the Financials module.

When you open the project through the Modern UX tiles using the Financials Visual, you get an error:

Invalid value(s) in request for planType


  1. Modern UX > Administration
  2. Create Project Blueprint
  3. Edit the Blueprint and add the Financials Module as one of the first 4 tabs
  4. Go to the project grid and associate an existing project template to the blueprint above
  5. Create a project (MyProject), financially enable it and associate it to the same blueprint
  6. On the project tiles, filter by that project
  7. Notice the Financials module icon on the Visuals
  8. Click on the visuals icon

Expected Results: The project Financials Module is loaded

Actual results: The Project Financials module does not load and errors: Invalid value(s) in request for planType


This is caused by DE60902


Fixed in Clarity 15.9.3

The message is harmless and can be ignored.

Additional Information

Notice that the URL does not load the module and passes a null value. The error only happens when you access the project through the Financials visual.

Once the error appears if you go to the next tab and come back to the Financials module, this loads fine.