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Alarms:ServiceAlarmUrl & RootcauseAlarmurl shows NA where Impacted Services data shows the valid Service details.


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Seeing couple of alarms being triggered for one of the services, where the threshold limit got breached.

Those alerts can see on our Webhook channel, And also on the Service Alarm page. There is a Service Now ticket wa also generated for that alarm and the same is also showing on that particular alarm on the Alarm page.

However the alarms generated is having blank data (NA) on the below fields.

  • ServiceAlarmUrl 
  • RootcauseAlarmurl

I assume these fields should have the proper link and it should redirect to the alarm page 



Release : 20.2

Component : APM Agents


Your screenshot shows Alarm Type = Application. It is a raw alarm from an underlying application (APM) . It is not associated with an OI Service. So ServiceAlarmUrl and RootcauseAlarmurl do not apply.

So working as expected since there is no OI Service association.