TPX: How can a TPX Administrator prevent users from modifying the Stage 1 timeout?
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TPX: How can a TPX Administrator prevent users from modifying the Stage 1 timeout?


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TPX - Session Management


For compliance reasons, auditing requires the Stage 1 Timeout for users be 30 minutes. In this scenario,  the value should be picked up from the Profile level, therefore users should NOT be allowed to change their Timeout value.

In TPX how can users be prevented from modifying their Stage 1 timeout value?

The Stage 1 and Stage 2 timeout values/options are used in the following order::

  > User Level ( TPX Userid Maintenance Detail Panel TEN0123)

  > Profile Level (TPX Profile Table Detail Panel TEN0113)

  > SMRT Timing options (System Default)




Release : 5.4

Component : CA-TPX for OS/390


Each user and profile level is part of a TPX Group (Group name) and an Update Class:

Update class - Specifies which parameters the user can modify during self-maintenance.  If no class is specified, the user can't make any changes.
   (You can create User Self-Administration Update Classes using the User Self-Update Class option on the TPX User/Group Adminstration Menu.)

The Timeout value in the Update class can be changed to 'N' so the users are not able to change the Timeout values.

From the TPX Main Menu: 

  1  TPX User/Group Maintenance

  4  User Self-Maintenance Update Class

Select option 4 and place an 'S' next to the Group. The Update Class Values will be shown.


 Placing an 'S" as shown above brings up the values for the class chosen. Change the timeout values as needed.  To prevent users from updating the parameter make it an 'N'.


After the change is made have the users logoff / logon.