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Client Automation - A lot of DLT_W_*.ZML files under SECTOR\SSFW\DELTA


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager


On Scalability Server there are a lot of files DLT_W_*.ZML under
C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\ServerDB\SECTOR\SSFW\DELTA
and lot of files DLT_L_*.ZML under
C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\ServerDB\SECTOR\SSFU\DELTA
This is taking a lot of disk space. Is it possible to delete some old files ?


Client Automation - All Versions.


Attached DMS script could be used to delete old SECTOR\SSFW\DELTA\DLT_W_*.ZML and SECTOR\SSFU\DELTA\DLT_L_*.ZML files (older than 30 days).

Create an Asset Job with this script and assign it to Scalability Servers.

The script displays in Status Text the number of Windows and Unix Files deleted and the size of all files deleted

The script creates and writes in a log DSM\logs\Clean_Delta_ZML.log

Additional Information

30 days could be changed by desired number of days by updating line #265 in the script :
      IF iCurrentDate-iDateFile > 30*24*60*60 THEN
Example for 70 days :
      IF iCurrentDate-iDateFile > 70*24*60*60 THEN


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