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Activity in the Enterprise Management remains in pending in CA PIM/CA AccessControl


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CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM)


Submitting any new activity in the Enterprise Management Server (ENTM) results in the activity staying in pending and never being distributed to the different endpoints

After one hour or so, it goes to fail

Activity/modify on Enterprise Management  remain pending for more then 1 hour and then fail 

Import Endpoints or Accounts task Operazione non riuscita Media 0832681 17/03/2021 12.10.06 17/03/2021 12.10.10  
  Retry Passwords Reset task Operazione non riuscita Media 0832681 17/03/2021 12.05.11 17/03/2021 12.05.12 


A possible cause for activity remaining in pending and never completing is a large TIBCO queue. When one or serveral of the TIBCO queues go over 1.5 Gbyte this effectively prevents events from being processed. There may be several causes why this may be so and causes should be investigated to understand if this is a transient situation (e.g. connectivity loss for some time) or not and to carry out remediation of the root cause in case this is a recurring situation.


Release : 12.8.X or 12.9.X



  • Navigate to the following directory, where Distserver is the directory in which you installed the ENTM/Distribution Server:


(modify the corresponding syntax depending on whether this is Windows or UNIX or if the tibco version is 5.1 or a different one, depending on whether you are using CA ControlMinder 12.8.X or 12.9.X)

  • In UNIX enter the following command:


The Tibco EMS Administration Tool starts.

  • In Windows enter the following command:


The Tibco EMS Administration Tool starts.

  • Connect to the current environment:
    • if the Distribution Server listens for connections on port 7222 (the default port), use the following command:


    • if the Distribution Server listens for the Report Agent in SSL mode on port 7243, use the following command:

connect SSL://7243

  • Enter your username and password. The default username is admin and the password is the communication password that you specify when you install CA ControlMinder Enterprise Management. You are connected to the Message Queue
  • Show the tibco queues by issuing

show queues

  • See if there is any of them which has a large size. Let's take that queue/audit and ac_server_to_server_local have large sizes (for instance about 1.8 Gbyte). In this case you would do the following
    • Run 

purge queue ac_server_to_server_local

purge queue queue/audit

    • Once both queues have been purged then do

compact async 5