OPSMVS : HIPER PTF LU01174 and LU00913
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OPSMVS : HIPER PTF LU01174 and LU00913


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Are there more information about the circumstances generating this problem and the chances it will occur?  The alert mentions EOM and EOT events, is it volume related?  Is there a way to know if these PTFs are critical for the operational environment?   


Release : 13.5 and 14.0 

Component : OPS/MVS


Per Sustaining Engineers: 

- The issue has been introduced by the OPSMVS 13.5 PTF

published on 2019/12/16

(sourced in OPSMVS 14.0 and not applicable to OPSMVS 13.0) 

- The GA PTFs LU01174 for OPSMVS 13.5 and LU00913 for OPSMVS 14.0 have been tagged as Hiper because the SE experienced a system outage on a Broadcom R&D LPAR, and recognized that the scenario could occur at a customer site.  In addition, there were a couple of S0C4 and S0C3 abends with SVC dumps reported by customers, that did not cause an outage.

- The problem is very rare and not volume related, caused by a flaw in EOM processing that can only occur when an address space terminates while holding OPS/MVS resources.  All confirmed incidents were triggered by an S622 or S922 abend.

- LU01174 for OPSMVS 13.5 and LU00913 for OPSMVS 14.0 have been already applied by some customers and at this time they have not generated any new issue.