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Bladelogic tool crashed with APM Java Agent.


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


Doing Bladelogic monitoring with the APM Java agent. It experienced crashes due to  APM agent , Bladelogic support identified that from the dumps.

below are the observation given by team:


#  Internal Error (diagnosticArgument.cpp:144), pid=109087, tid=0x00007fe8ade76700
#  fatal error: Default string must be parsable
=>0x00007fe9f8d83000 JavaThread "apm-jmx-client-pool-2:worker thread-737" daemon [_thread_in_vm, id=27268, stack(0x00007fe8add76000,0x00007fe8ade77000)]

We have observed the below trace in appserver.log. and seems like these are coming from the CA APM Monitoring tool which is making the JMX connection to TSSA App Server. There are around 212 such events per minute which is not good for the appserver to be spammed like that.

[27 Jan 2021 00:21:28,998] [apm-jmx-client-pool-2:worker thread-477] [INFO] [::] [] No security subject is available
java.lang.SecurityException: No security subject is available



JRE 1.8.0 u172  from Oracle Corporation

Agent: 20.9


Known issue. Upgrade to OpenJDK 9 or latest version of JDK 8.


Last comment on this JVM bug is: "This is known issue JDK-8156137 it has been already fixed in JDK 9 and higher versions."

This is known issue JDK-8156137 it has been already fixed in 9 and higher versions. It should be fixed in latest JDK 8.  (The Java 8 u172 is from April 2018.)