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Department OBS Default value on project object cannot be changed


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Unable to set the Department OBS attribute's default on the project object to blank. Tried deleting / clearing the value, but it keeps resetting to the previous value. Tried changing it to a different OBS, but that didn't work either.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to the Project Object and click on Attributes
  2. Click on the Department OBS attribute
  3. Click the X (or delete the OBS) in the Default field
  4. Click Save

Results: The Department OBS reverts back to the value set


Release : All

Component : CA Clarity Studio


  1. XOG out the Project object
  2. Modify the XML to remove the default for the OBS attribute
  3. XOG the Project object back in to Clarity
  4. If the default value still displays in Clarity, clear it out one more time and Save

Note: It's recommended to test this in non production first

Additional Information

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