Active Directory connection problems and UNAB restart
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Active Directory connection problems and UNAB restart


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Server Control (PAMSC) CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM)



Is it normal that UNAB will automatically restart following failure to communicate with AD? 




Release : 14.1

UNAB version is but happens in all versions, seen in   


On UNAB operation, is found on several machines that following a connection problem vs Active Directory UNAB performs a restart.

It can be seen some row of  "uxauth" grep in the log /var/log/messages:

May  6 03:02:17 machinename uxauthd[15284]: No connection to domain 'domainname', watcher thread started.
May  6 03:05:16 machinename uxauthd[15284]: Critical problem to access Active Directory.
May  6 03:05:16 machinename uxauthd[15284]: Agent auto restart now.
May  6 03:05:16 machinename uxauthd[15284]: Executed command '(sleep 3; /opt/CA/uxauth/lbin/ restart)&', return code = 0.
May  6 03:05:23 machinename systemd: Stopping CA Technologies UNAB daemon (uxauthd)...




The restart is the method that unab agent has to resolve agent problems in general (e.g., agent's memory leak, lack of DC connectivity, etc.).   
A way to work around the problem is by putting those bad DCs on the ignore_dc_list token.   Unless that is done by the way, you can experience login delays when one of those bad DCs is picked up for servicing a login.