LMP key violation message by CMPMVS
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LMP key violation message by CMPMVS


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Compress Data Compression for MVS


Does CA Compress Data Compression r5.5 have own LMP key violation messages?


Release : 5.5

Component : CA Compress Data Compression


Compress does issue a LMP message of its own. However, Compress uses our internal FLOID macro that all products that utilize LMP uses. This macro performs the LMP check in CAIRIM. This then passes a return code back to Compress and Compress will issue the ZSUR109W message.

This is how most of our products are designed to function with LMP.

Compress performs an LMP check when the primary functions of Compress are utilized. Time clocks have no bearing on the FLOID macro utilization.

Also, there are no Compress own messages other than ZSUR109W message.