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How to share AWS codepipeline variables with BlazeMeter JMeter test?


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The Blazemeter integration with AWS codepipeline is used to run a JMeter performance test.

The JMeter test must use a security token, created in one of the steps in the AWS codepipeline and saved in a codepipeline variable.

How can the security token variable be used in the JMeter script?


Release : SAAS



There currently is no way to directly share an AWS codepipeline variable with a JMeter test;  however, the following workaround may help to resolve this issue:

1. Modify your JMeter script to look for the security token in a CSV file, then upload the modified JMeter script and the CSV file with a dummy security token to your BlazeMeter test.

2. Add a step to your codepipeline to write the security token created to a CSV file with the same name as the one you uploaded to the BlazeMeter test

3. Add another step to your codepipeline to use the Upload or Update Asset File API to replace the CSV file for the test with the local copy that contains the new security token

4.  Execute the BlazeMeter test which will then be able to use the newly created security token from the uploaded CSV file