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Will DB2 APARS UI67917 and UI67929 have an impact on exit names CADB2XAC?


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Top Secret


The DB2 PTFs UI67917 and UI67929 provide support for authorization of freeing and dropping packages through the XAPLREL1 field.

Will they have any impact on exit CADB2XAC?


Release : 1.3

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


UI67917 altered the way in which the owner is determined in the [email protected] security exit.  

With Top Secret for DB2 installed, it replace that exit with our product.  

ENFDB2 locates the owner information via a different process which still works.  

There are changes in process to support this APAR as an enhancement within the ENFDB2 code.

There will be no impact on Top Secret for DB2 either way as the current process still works.