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How to Activate the GSO PWPHRASE options in ACF2 to be STIG (bacf0024) compliant


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ACF2 - z/OS


Need to activate the GSO PWPHRASE  to become STIG’s compliant.  
What is the impact or possible impact of activating this option.  
The current GSO TSO record NOPWPHRASE, are not changing this option

Just want to activate PassPhrase capability, but not enforcing.



Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


Setting GSO PWPHRASE will allow users to logon to some applications with a phrase or a password.
Setting GSO TSO NOPWPHRASE means that users will not be able to logon  to TSO with a PWPHRASE,
only with a PASSWORD.
Setting GSO TSO PWPHRASE will allow users to logon to tso with either a password or a phrase.
Details of GSO TSO PWPHRASE option can be found at this link
If you are using ACF2/CICS interface you will need to set that up to allow phrases to be used.
Details of cics setup can be found at this link