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We installed TDM Portal and chose PLA licensing by mistake how can we change this back to Standard licensing?


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Hello, we have installed TDM in our production environment and started using it.
We have data and setups we can not afford to lose.
During the install, we chose PLA licensing by mistake.
How can we change this back to standard licensing?




All support TDM Web Portal releases.



Incorrect options are chosen during installation



In order to reset your Production environment, you would need to do the following.
1) connect to your SQL server that hosts the GTREP database with a user with full rights
2) then run the following SQL query:
delete from  gtrep_system_settings where ss_name ='LICENSING_MODEL'
3) if you are logged into the portal logout and close the browser
4) open a new browser and log back into the portal with the administrator username and password.
5) you should then get the activation screen to come up which you can walk through again.
6) Make sure you enter your License key in the enterprise site ID field as per the documentation below:

Refer to section "Activate Test Data Manager" in the documentation of the TDM release you are running.