CA View - Deliver Report Setup Question
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CA View - Deliver Report Setup Question


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In VIEW, the first sysout below is from SAR and the others are from Deliver (EXP):

CWF10XX          CWF10XX  JOB49555 04/30/2021 04:57 PERM     967 
CWF10XX-R06  CWF10XX  JOB49555 04/30/2021 04:55 PERM      46 
CWF10XX-R17  CWF10XX  JOB49555 04/30/2021 04:55 PERM      52 
CWF10XX-R30  CWF10XX  JOB49555 04/30/2021 04:55 PERM      31 
CWF10XX-R52  CWF10XX  JOB49555 04/30/2021 04:55 PERM      76 
CWF10XX-R54  CWF10XX  JOB49555 04/30/2021 04:55 PERM      39 

The CWF10XX job has a MSGCLASS=C on the jobcard (C is my CAVIEW class) and for example, the CWF10XX-R06 has a Deliver definition of : 

JS010    PS015    CWFOPRNS   CWF10XX-R06                      MONITR  

I do not see the data from the CWF10XX-R06 SYSOUT in the CWF10XX sysout.

If I delete the Deliver definition for CWF10XX-R06, will that SYSOUT end up going to CWF10XX ?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


If the job has MSGCLASS=C, and C is one of the classes collected by View, then what will be collected by View should be the job execution output. 

The specific definitions in Deliver, by DD name, will process the report content. 

With that, you would not see the job execution output in any of the other reports.

It would all depend on how the other reports are defined, especially regarding Text Identification, as to whether data that would go to a defined report would go to the job execution output.