Job Runs do not display Executions visible with uxlst ctl
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Job Runs do not display Executions visible with uxlst ctl


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


When the retention settings for CTL ( executions) is superior to the retention for LAN (launches), the CDJ will only display the records present in the launches data file (u_fmsb60), opposed to version 5 Motif or Global Console where the Executions menu was showing the records in executions data file (u_fmcx*).

Is there a way to display Executions in UVC/CDJ that are not present in u_fmsb60.dta because of 


Release : 6.x




By design


This cannot be achieved in version 6 using UVC or in version 5 using Graphical Job Monitor as both request the information to the CDJ which loads job runs based on the Launch records (u_fmsb* file).

You can only use command "uxlst ctl" to display records that have already been purged from Launches, ie. when retention for Launches is 3 days and retention for Executions is 7 days, you will not be able to use UVC - Job Runs to see those older records and will need to use "uxlst ctl" to see those records older than 3 days

Else, if the node does not have many launches per day, retentions could be aligned to avoid this issue.