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Cannot create user account in OneClick with license tab empty in Spectrum 10.4.1.


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CA Spectrum


We are unable to create a user account in OneClick for Spectrum 10.4.1, the license tab is empty and we are unable to add licenses.


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum OneClick


Software bug with licenses and privileges for new users would not allow creation


Please open a support case and request patch 10.04.01.D138b from support.  There is a prerequisite requirement of 10.4.1_BMP_10.4.101b  before 10.04.01.D138b can be installed.

Additional Information

This has been fixed out of box for Spectrum 21.2.1

Symptom: Licenses were missing for a few users/groups and causing login issues for these users.
Resolution: Code changes are done to retain the licenses with all users/groups and login always works as expected. (DE484515, 32239953, 21.2.1)