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Cannot create user account in OneClick with license tab empty in Spectrum 10.4.1.


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CA Spectrum


We are unable to create a user account in OneClick for Spectrum 10.4.1, the license tab is empty and we are unable to add licenses.


Software bug with licenses and privileges for new users would not allow creation


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum OneClick


Please open a support case and request patch 10.04.01.D138b from support.  There is a prerequisite requirement of 10.4.1_BMP_10.4.101b  before 10.04.01.D138b can be installed.

Additional Information

This has been fixed out of box for Spectrum 21.2.1

Symptom: Licenses were missing for a few users/groups and causing login issues for these users.
Resolution: Code changes are done to retain the licenses with all users/groups and login always works as expected. (DE484515, 32239953, 21.2.1)