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UMA Agent v21 autoattach error


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)



Upgraded the UMA to the release 

Aim is to use auto-attach feature for monitoring Java applications in containers

In all the app-container-monitor pod is this error:

E0413 13:12:44.445397 29339 handler.go:601] Err while executing command '["sh" "-c" "systick=$(getconf CLK_TCK); for c in /proc/*/cmdline; do d=$(dirname $c); name=$(grep Name: $d/status 2>/dev/null) || continue; pid=$(basename $d); uid=$(grep Uid: $d/status 2>/dev/null) || continue; uid=$(echo ${uid#Uid:} | xargs); uid=${uid%% *}; user=$(grep :$uid:[0-9] /etc/passwd 2>/dev/null); user=${user%%:*}; cmdline=$(cat $c|xargs -0 echo 2>/dev/null) || continue; starttime=$(($(awk '{print $22}' $d/stat 2>/dev/null || echo 0) / systick)); uptime=$(awk '{print int($1)}' /proc/uptime); elapsed=$(($uptime-$starttime)); echo $pid $user $elapsed $cmdline; done"]' for container "08ab546ddf3b9e0bae742366b313bb026eb1afc6830a345b9c5068d9deeb4155": context deadline exceeded






Release : 10.7.0

Component : APM Agents



Context deadline exceeded refers to a timeout, it could be that the container is not responding to the request for auto-attach monitoring or low on available resources.

The suspicion in this scenario is that containers were not as well resourced as it was in a test environment.




The error message prints the container id so check if it is always a particular id or if multiple containers have errors.

The logging has been enhanced in this area in 21.4 agent, recommendation would be to deploy the more recent agent to better understand the actual cause.