SOI - Component Details - USM Properties - how to import value to "Tags" property from the integrated domain manager (UIM)
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SOI - Component Details - USM Properties - how to import value to "Tags" property from the integrated domain manager (UIM)


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


There is usertag_2 property on the controller level of the UIM agent. Is it somehow possible to have it assigned on the Component level (of selected class Computer System, Generic IP Device, Running Software...) e.g. in "Tags" property of the Component Detail -> USM Properties in SOI?

I am aware of the possibility to have the usertag_2 assigned in the alarm, but I am not looking for that. It is described in this thread

In short: I would like to map usertag_2 from controller probe of the UIM agent to Tags property in USM Properties of the Component (of selected class: e.g. Computer System) in SOI.



Release : 4.2

Component :


You can not add user_tag from UIM to the CIs.

The reason is the user_tag field does not get pass to the UIM connector for CI, only alerts.


Here's all the fields that are pass to the UIM connector to create the CI.


EIIntercepter: Direction = OUTBOUND
EIIntercepter: DateTime = 2021/05/05 21:34:08
EIIntercepter: Transform Request = <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<usm:SiloData xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:usm="" xsi:type="usm:SiloData"
    <property name="dev_name" value="<HOSTNAME>"/>
    <property name="cs_id" value="10"/>
    <property name="create_time" value="2021-04-06T18:55:30.000-07:00"/>
    <property name="PrimaryDnsName" value="<HOSTNAME>"/>
    <property name="PrimaryOSVersion" value="10.0.14393"/>
    <property name="ci_name" value="UIM902_profile-wait_stats_count-wait_stats_count-UIM902_profile-wait_stats_count.PARALLEL_REDO_FLOW_CONTROL"/>
    <property name="origin" value="<HOSTNAME>"/>
    <property name="PrimaryIPV4Address" value=""/>
    <property name="os_description" value="Service Pack 0 Build 14393"/>
    <property name="OSName" value="WindowsServer-2016"/>
    <property name="cs_name" value="<HOSTNAME>"/>
    <property name="PrimaryOSType" value="Windows"/>
    <property name="ci_id" value="C27F4F8D97A0B1154D413633FE8CADA00"/>
    <property name="ci_type" value="4.2"/>
    <property name="entitytype" value="Item"/>
    <property name="PrimaryMacAddress" value="XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX"/>
    <property name="class" value="Database.MSSQL"/>
    <property name="change_time" value="2021-04-06T18:56:23.000-07:00"/>
    <property name="eventtype" value="Item"/>