Getting 500 error with ASM https monitor for a website
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Getting 500 error with ASM https monitor for a website


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We are setting up a ASM https monitor and are getting 500 error. We are not sure what the problem is. We did uncheck Verify Certificate under advanced options.

The monitored https web site is not giving any errors when we test with the browser or the webdriver.

Is there a problem with the HTTPS web site?


Release : SAAS



The issue is with monitored web site. We tested on our side and encountered the same results.

The ASM side is working good and not the root cause of this issue.

As you indicated that the monitored http web site is not giving any errors when you test in the browser or webdriver.

The webdriver uses browser APIs, thus it is normal that both browser and webdriver are behaving similar way.

Both the browser and webdriver ignores many errors that may occur with your web site.

The ASM HTTPS monitor does detail check on the web site and it will alert on any important failure that ASM check encounters.

While using the browser, you can check the Web Developer Tools (F12), and review the Web console.

Please share the information with your application team:

1- the result of the ASM monitor,

2- result of the test via

3- results of Web Developer Tools -> Web console.

Your application team should able to investigate this further and determined the root cause on the web site.