CA View - TSS7251E Access Denied to PROGRAM <CSNBSYD>
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CA View - TSS7251E Access Denied to PROGRAM <CSNBSYD>


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I changed the CA View SARINIT parameter from TAPEOPT=3480... to TAPEOPT=EAST....

In View, when I use option S to select a report from tape, I receive error message "TSS7251E Access Denied to PROGRAM <CSNBSYD>" before the report displays.

The TSS Violation report shows

05/04/21  04:24:18  MVS3  TSO_ID  TSO_ID  TSO       FAIL  01  SARSPF          *08*-88  LCF  T034681 PGR60023 RESOURCE  TYPE & NAME :   PROGRAM   CSNBSYD    



Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


Upon adding use of View's EAS tape function, just changing SARINIT TAPEOPT=3480 (no EAS use) to TAPEOPT=EAST (EAS use) will not generate a "TSS7251E Access Denied to Program ..." message in and of itself. 

With that, investigation of the TSS7251E message showed there to be a check for access to the program CSNBSYD.  
There, also, was an LCF check done.

Article 53321, which addresses the topic, has the following URL:

In its resolution is the following:

 . The ACIDs getting the TSS7251E messages probably have LCF lists on them.

 . When a program check is done:

 . . If it is not defined to CA Top Secret in the PROGRAM resource class, CA Top Secret does an internal LCF check.
 . . If there are no LCF lists on the ACID, the LCF check passes.
 . . If there are LCF lists on the ACID, the LCF check will fail if the user isn't authorized.