Download Plex 7.2.1 latest patches
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Download Plex 7.2.1 latest patches


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CA Plex


How to download the latest service pack for Plex 7.2.1


Plex 7.21

All Supported Operating Systems


Please follow these steps

1. Login to the Broadcom Support Portal

2. In the upper right-hand corner, ensure that AGILE OPERATIONS SOFTWARE is selected

3.  Click on MY DOWNLOADS from the left-hand side menu.  The main page should now show "My Downloads - Agile Operations Software"

4.  In the upper right-hand side search field, enter 'Plex' and select PLEX

5. Click on the SOLUTIONS, locate and click on "CA Plex MULTI-PLATFORM" and then click on 7.2.1.

The Plex 7.21 patches will be listed and you can download them from here.  For example "CUMULATIVE BUILD FOR PLEX 7.2.1 (PTF721.024.006)"