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Can Not Create new Resource under Resource Management


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Clarity PPM SaaS


SUMMARY: I am unable to create a new Resource under "Resource Management", but can create one under Administration. In logs getting error:

Invalid unitId value <unit ID> given for attribute odf_obs_fin_dept.

It was determined that a default Department was assigned to the Resource Object which had been deleted. Deleting a Department that is assigned as a "default" doesn't remove it as default in the database.

NOTES: It does not seem to be possible to delete the Department from the user interface in this instance. The system will error stating it cannot delete the Department because it is a default.

It could be possible that the Department may be deleted through a XOG related transaction, or perhaps manual removal from the database.

Expected Results: 

This Department should not be considered as the Default.

Actual Results:

The Department is still linked to this deleted Department. You may run into errors when trying to create a Resource like:
Invalid unitId value <unit ID> given for attribute odf_obs_fin_dept.




Release : 15.8.1



This problem is logged as Defect DE60863, which is under review. This Defect is in relation to the default Department not being removed when the Department is deleted.


1. Edit the Department OBS attribute (from step c)
2. Assign a new Default, and Save.
3. If you do not want a default, remove the new Default and save again.

It may also be necessary, if a Default Override was populated with the same Department, that this database statement may need to be used to clear that up. This step may only be necessary if the previous steps do not completely resolve the issue:

delete from odf_default_overrides
where object_code = 'resource'
and attribute_code ='odf_obs_fin_dept'