LAE0427I LAE0272I LAE0098W messages following dropped column from table.
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LAE0427I LAE0272I LAE0098W messages following dropped column from table.


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Log Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


Executing a Log Analyzer for Db2 for z/OS (PLA) strategy where recently
two columns were dropped from a table.

The following are messages returned in the PLA execution for the log range prior
to the drop of the two columns:

 LAE0427I Dropped column detected.                                             
          Table:    creator.tablename                                           
          RBA/LRSN: 00D52E7AE89CC43D8200      
 LAE0272I One or more log records for the following table will not be          
          formatted as the table has experienced a version changing            
                    DBID   :    nnn                                            
                    OBID   :    nnn                                            
                    Creator: creator                                            
                    Name   : tablename                                         
 LAE0098W nn,nnn update(s) were discarded during DML Activity reporting.       
          Log records are discarded whenever incomplete row images or data     
          formatting errors prevent log analyzer from determining if the log   
          record meets your selection criteria.  A log record may also be      
          discarded if log analyzer is unable to format the column data needed 
          to build a LOAD output format record or REDO/UNDO SQL statement.     

How to adjust the strategy so the log data can be properly formatted to avoid the LAE0098W message?


Recommendation is to utilize the PLA Main Menu 3 - Source Mapping / 1 -  DDL File Mapping
option creating a DDL File Map specifying the table DDL prior to the drop of the two columns.

Within the PLA Strategy Services - Submit Strategy panel, specify an alternate Source of DB2 Table
information along with Source Type using the following options specifying the DDL File Map created:

Source Options ==> Y ( Y / N )

Source of DB2 Table Info  : CATALOG  Specify Other Source ==> Y ( Y / N )

Source Type ==> D


Regenerate the PLA control cards which will include the following control cards for
alternate DDL mapping:

OBJSRC   =   

Execute the PLA job for the required log range prior to the table column drop.