Storage array cable connection is loose and will not stay in
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Storage array cable connection is loose and will not stay in


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Security Analytics


The cable that is connecting Security Analytics to an external storage array is not connected properly and it is loose.  You can pull the cable from the storage easily. There are no LED indicators that confirm the SAS 3 cables are connected.

This is also seen when accessing the storage array from the command line.  There may not be a link between the server and the storage on all SAS 3 ports.



The SAS 3 cables are not oriented correctly or not inserted all the way.  



The SAS 3 cables between the storage arrays must be checked during installation.  Give them a slight pull.  If they come out, either turn it over or push it in a little more firmly.  This should be done for all installations of the U144 and U840 storage arrays.

You can check the status of the ports using ssh by running

ssh -l <username> <ip_of_storage>

Then run show ports

It will show the status of all 8 ports.  You should have ports A0, A1, B0 and B1 with 12Gb links.  

In version 8.2.3 and newer, run -s ports for the status of all SAS cable connections.