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Jasperserver Scheduled Reports - default values for the "Sequential File Names by Timestamp" and "Output to Repository" settings


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It appears by default on a new schedule that the "Sequential File Names by Timestamp" is unchecked, and the "Output to Repository" is checked.

How can we default a new JasperSoft Report schedule to have these settings set by default?


JasperSoft 7.x

All Supported Windows Operating Systems


The checked and unchecked settings defaults are driven by a JavaScript file.

Therefore you need to customize the 'jobModel.js' file from \webapps\jasperserver-pro\scripts\runtime_dependencies\jrs-ui\src\scheduler\model on the JasperSoft server.

Before editing, please make a backup of the file:

1.  Locate the following code section below and change sequentialFilenames to true and overwriteFiles and saveToRepository to false:

createFromUri: function createFromUri(uri)

The code will look like this:

repositoryDestination: {
        overwriteFiles: false,
        sequentialFilenames: true,
        folderURI: typeof jrsConfigDefaults['scheduler.job.repositoryDestination.folderURI'] === "undefined" ? uri.folder : jrsConfigDefaults['scheduler.job.repositoryDestination.folderURI'],
        saveToRepository: false,
        timestampPattern: "yyyyMMddHHmm",
        outputFTPInfo: {
          propertiesMap: {},
          type: "ftp",
          port: "21",
          implicit: true,
          pbsz: 0

2.  The JavaScript files are optimized to improve performance. If you customize any JavaScript files, you need to download the optimization tools, optimize the files and restart JasperReports Server.  For more detailed steps, please refer to the below document: