NetOps Portal database separation fails with "Database Version Test Failed"
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NetOps Portal database separation fails with "Database Version Test Failed"


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Following the supported procedure from the documentation to separate the mysql database from the NetOps Portal server, so that the  original host will only have the NetOps Portal services, and the new database host will run the external mysql database.

Migrate the NetOps Portal Database to a Separate Node

The procedure is failing at Step 7, which requires to reinstall NetOps Portal on the original node:

7. Rerun the NetOps Portal installation on the original node.
When prompted, provide the hostname and port (3306) of the externalized database on the database node.

This is the error message:

Database Version Test Failed

Database version test failed on: <external_db_hostname>:3306
Error Information:
Expected: 5.7.31 Actual: 5.7.32-enterprise-commercial-advanced

Please exit this installation and upgrade the database to the required minimum

[[email protected]<portal_host> CAPM_20.2.10]#



Release : 20.2.8 to 20.2.10

Component : CA Performance Center
                      NetOps Portal


The NetOps Portal installer is looking for mysql version 5.7.31 on the remote mysql host, though NetOps Portal 20.2.8 to 20.2.10 installs mysql version 5.7.32 

This is due to a bug in the installer script for NetOps Portal 20.2.8 to 20.2.10 - there is a custom class that has a hard coded database version, which was not updated when mysql version was upgraded to 5.7.32 in NetOps installation.

These are the mysql versions provided with NetOps Portal releases:

NetOps Portal from 20.2.2 to 20.2.7 = MySql 5.7.31
NetOps Portal 20.2.8 and above = MySql 5.7.32

Due to this bug, NetOps Portal 20.2.8 to 20.2.10 is expecting the separate mysql host to be at version 5.7.31


This bug is being fixed and planned for next NetOps versions.

In the meantime this procedure can be used as a workaround in current version. This is valid for Netops Portal versions from 20.2.8 to 20.2.10 

This is to make the remote mysql host at version 5.7.31 first.  Since the original NetOps Portal is already missing the database at this point, then just reinstall NetOps Portal 20.2.10 over the top and point it to the remote mysql host that is now running mysql 5.7.31
Then upgrade remote mysql host to the 20.2.10 mysql version (5.7.32) to complete the procedure.

1. Note: this procedure assumes the em.sql and netqosportal.sql files that was saved and imported as per the documentation (step 4 & 5) are still available.  If not, need to export them from the current mysql per the documentation.
2. Uninstall NetOps Portal 20.2.10 on the separate mysql only host.
3. Install NetOps Portal 20.2.7 (or another version using mysql 5.7.31) on the mysql only host.
4. Import the netqosportal.sql and em.sql files as per the documentation.
5. Upgrade to NetOps Portal 20.2.10 on the original NetOps Portal host. 
6. Stop NetOps Portal services after the upgrade is completed:
Restart NetOps Portal
7. Upgrade to NetOps Portal 20.2.10 on the mysql only host.
8. Start NetOps Portal services.