OBS rights MUX when OBS attributes have defaults
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OBS rights MUX when OBS attributes have defaults


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System error when editing Custom Extension Investment object instances if access rights are given at OBS level and the object OBS attributes have a default value

If an user has got OBS level rights over a custom object, he is unable to edit instances that he should be allowed to.


1. Admin > Studio > Objects
2. Create a Custom Investment Extension object: Cus Inv (cus_inv)
3. Admin > Organization and Access
4. Create 3 different OBS (OBS1, OBS2, OBS3) with following unit structure
5. Add the cus inv object as Associated object. 
6. At the OBS list, enable the 3 OBS above for access right (Use for Access rights)
7. Go back to the custom object and open the attributes tab.
8. You will see 3 new attributes related to the OBSs: OBS1, OBS2, OBS3
9. Enable them for MUX by adding the API Attribute ID
10. Admin > Organization and Access > OBS > OBS1
11. Edit the OBS and go to Units
12. Edit the b2 unit properties
    Access Rights For Unit tab > OBS Unit
 Add the Cus inv - Edit right over OBS unit bb (Unit and Descendants) 
 Access To This OBS Unit tab > Resources
 Add a given user (User1) with the Cus inv-edit right.
13. To User1 give global rights: Cus Inv - Create and Cus Inv - Navigate 
14. Logged as admin, go to the MUX > Investments
15. Open the Cus Inv object
16. Create 2 instances of the object
17. Pull the OBS fields to the list
18. Add one of the instances to OBS1 bb/b2
    Set the other instance to OBS1 aa
19. Login as User1 and go to the MUX > Investments
20. Open the Cus Inv object
21. You can see instance associated to bb/b2
22. Open it and perform some changes. Changes are saved
23. As admin > Go back to Studio > Objects and edit the OBS attributes: OBS1, OBS2, OBS3
24. Add a default value to all 3. The default value to be aa 
25. As User1, go back to the Investments > Cus Inv and open the same instance of the object we used in step 22
26. Perform any changes

Expected Results: Changes to be saved
Actual results: You get a system error



This is caused by DE60859


This is targeted to be fixed within and 15.9.3

Workaround: Remove the default form the OBS attributes
                       Provide Global edit rights over the custom object

Additional Information

Once the attribute defaults are on:
Login as admin > MUX > Investments tab > Cus Inv List
Pull the OBS attributes to the grid.
Change the value of any of the OBS fields. As you change one of them, the others are changed to the default value aa