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VNA ACI plugin discovery with In-Band Management address instead of Out-of-Band address?


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CA Virtual Network Assurance


Discovered the ACI devices using the In-Band Management address in Performance Management.
Then added the APIC to VNA integrated with Performance Management with the VNA ACI Plugin.
This end up with having duplicate devices, one for the SNMP discovered device on In-Band address, and another from the VNA ACI plugin that imported the same device name using the Out-of-Band address (it used the short name, while the In-Band is using the FQDN).

The question is:
Does the VNA ACI plugin always use the Out-of-Band Management IP address and add the devices as new without any reconciliation in this scenario?
Is it possible to modify this behavior?


Release : 20.2

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Performance Management


This is expected behavior. The VNA ACI Plugin always discover devices with the 'Out-of-Band' Management IP address.

The In-Band and Out-of-Band IPs does not reconcile - if VNA discovers the item with the Out-of-Band, then the manual discovery of the In-Band IP doesn't replace the item in Performance Management, and vice versa.


This is working as designed. The VNA ACI Plugin always discover devices with the 'Out-of-Band'. This is by design, and cannot be modified in current VNA version.

Based on the fact the Out-of-Band Management address is always existing, the VNA Plugin was programmed to always use Out-of-Band IP.

It requires an enhancement to the current product code to possible provide a configuration option for the VNA ACI plugin configuration to allow users to choose whether to use the In-Band or Out-of-Band Management address.

There is currently an Enhancement request already in Development backlog for this requirement.

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