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UIM 20.3.3 - 'nis_server' probe trying to contact 'ace' probe which has been removed from 20.3.3


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have observed strange things in log file of 'nis_server' probe. Regularly it's saying that it's trying to contact 'ace' probe, but this probe has been deprecated/removed (according to official 20.3.3 release notes). The repeated messages are as follows:

Apr 16 12:13:32:259 INFO  [Thread-1930, com.nimsoft.probe.service.nis.AceConfigCallback] Calling ACE configure()... 
Apr 16 12:13:32:260 WARN  [Thread-1930, com.nimsoft.probe.service.nis.AceConfigCallback] Unable to contact ACE.  Configuration will not occur until ACE comes back on-line. 

We are yet unsure if this cannot cause unexpected problems, because we consider 'nis_server' probe an important one on the primary hub.

Can you please give us an explanation why 'nis_server' probe is still trying to contact missing 'ace' probe and if this could have possible serious consequences somewhere?


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM NIS SERVER


The Development has confirmed the messages are benign and can be safely ignored. The error message would be taken care of in the future UIM release