Status Report PDF report status shows as "Draft" after publishing in New UX
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Status Report PDF report status shows as "Draft" after publishing in New UX


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In the New User Experience (UX), Project > Status, when you Preview a Status Report, the Report Status shows as “Draft” in the PDF and the list on the right.
Once you click “Publish,” it shows “Final” in the list, but the PDF still shows “Draft.”


  1. In the Modern UX, click on a project and go to the Status module
  2. Click the Settings (Gear) icon
  3. Check the check box next to Report Status and click Close to add the Report Status field to the report view
  4. Click Preview
  5. Click Publish (The report status on the right now shows correctly as Final)
  6. View the Report Status value in the PDF version of the report

Expected Results: Report Status displays as Final since the report has been published

Actual Results: Report Status shows as Draft


Release : 15.8.1, 15.9, 15.9.1, 15.9.2

Component : Clarity Status Reports


This was reviewed as DE60855 and determined to be working as designed. The 'Report Status' attribute value in the PDF report generated isn't changed due to the action of publish. This value has to be set manually and the design is to publish the value as set (Ex: Draft, Final) and not change this value in the generated PDF when the report is Published.

The status of this report when published changes to Final in Status Report Grid but the grid also has an associated Draft version available for further editing as required.


  1. Go back to “Current” (where the Report Status shows “Final")
  2. Click “Preview” again