Endevor CONPARMX step getting C1X0011S error with CODE=S106
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Endevor CONPARMX step getting C1X0011S error with CODE=S106


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Application developers have been reporting sporadic S106 abends in the compile step when executing program CONPARMX during an ADD or MOVE action of COBOL type elements.  Upon review of the abending jobs, the Admin team was seeing REGION=0M coded on the user's jobcard. 

MVS Support advised to remove the REGION parm altogether or change it to REGION=1024M which seemed to work for some situations but the problem still exists.

It appears that these abends have increased in frequency since the LPARs where Endevor resides and these batch jobs execute were upgraded to z/OS v2.4. 


Release : 18.0  18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


Per IBM MVS Support, the amount of virtual storage reserved for ECSA was reduced on all systems which allowed more storage for the extended private region. Additionally, z/OS required maintenance was applied to the system. 

Since these changes were applied, there have been no re-occurrences of the S106 abend.