EEM backup for migration
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EEM backup for migration


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We are trying to create backups of EEM config and policies, is there a way for creating a single file we can backup or use to migrate to a new server?


Release : 12.6.x

Component : CA Embedded Entitlements Manager


From the EEM documentation:

  • Create and copy the backup ldif file to the new data center and import it into the new EEM installation.
  • Copy server.xml from source machine to desktop of the target machine.
  • Stop the itechpoz service
  • We made the following updates to the server.xml file:
    • copied the the <password> ... </password> attribute from within the <pozadmin> ... </pozadmin> element to the target machine.
    • copied the contents of <userstore> ... </userstore>, replacing all the contents in the target server's server.xml file.
    • compared the <maps> ... </maps> element in both server.xml files, looking for any differences and copied any filters that were missing to the target server's server.xml file.  We found that a file comparison tool such as Beyond Compare or WinMerge made this process easier.
    • One last detail, because the source machine's EEM version was 12.6.2 and the target machine's EEM version was, an option was added to the new version of EEM that was missing from the old version so the following attribute needed to be deleted:Inside <genericldapstore ...> ... </genericldapstore> we deleted the attribute <connrebindtimeinterval>...</connrebindtimeinterval>
  • Saved and closed the target machine's server.xml file.
  • Restarted the igateway service