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"The client installation package does not have content." warning when exporting an installation package from the Endpoint Protection Manager


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Endpoint Protection


When exporting a client installation package from a 14.3 RU2 Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM), the following warning message appears.

The client installation package does not have content.  To include content in the package, run LiveUpdate now or after you install the client software.


14.3 RU2


Communication between the Endpoint Protection Manager and the console being used to export the package is disrupted.


This warning message does not indicate a lack of content within the SEPM, rather there was a communication issue when the console was retrieving the content to create an installation package with virus definitions.  Clicking OK on the warning message will finish creating the installation package without content.  An installation package without content can be deployed to clients as the Endpoint Protection (SEP) client will download any content it needs from its configured LiveUpdate source.

To create an installation package with virus definitions, export the installation package again.

This message may only occur when creating an installation package that includes virus definitions.  It will not be displayed when choosing to create an installation package that does not contain virus definitions.