After upgrade to vmware 7.15 alarms are not clearing as expected and probe throws errors
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After upgrade to vmware 7.15 alarms are not clearing as expected and probe throws errors


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We recently updated our Vmware probe to 7.15 since our vsphere environment was upgraded to 7.0. Recently, we started getting alarms from the vmware probe that say:

"Vcenter is not responding (Connection and/or inventory update failure)"

We also noticed that alarms and clears from that Vcenter stop arriving until we restart the vmware probe.

When checking the VMware probe's log we notice the following exception:

Inventory update failed. Sending resource alarm.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Attempting to add relationship that already exists.

When searching the product's KB I found an article that mentions this error and that there is an available fix 7.14HF3 and to contact support to obtain it.

Will this Hotfix version work with vsphere 7.0?


Release :

Component : UIM - VMWARE

vmware 7.14, 7.14_HF3, and 7.15


- Possibly corruption of the vmware.cfg after upgrading to vmware 7.15


This issue with vmware alarms not clearing as expected occurred after an upgrade from vmware probe v7.14 to 7.15.

Ultimately, the customer did the following:

1. Deactivated vmware probe

2. Saved the vmware.cfg

3. Set aside or deleted the vmware probe folder from the robot file system

4. Deployed the vmware probe from the local archive

5. Recreated the monitoring templates

Then the alarms were consistent and clearing as expected.

Additional Information

Downgraded to vmware probe v7.14 HF3 to make this work