SYSVIEW: Spin Loops and S071-30 abends
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SYSVIEW: Spin Loops and S071-30 abends


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Upgrading SYSVIEW from 15.0 CAR1910 to 16.0 CAR1910 and doing IPL, starting to receive spin loops and S071-30 abend.



SYSVIEW 15.0 & 16.0 - z/OS supported releases - 



This problem is not related to SYSVIEW product. 

Here is IBM analysis: 

IBM looked at the dumps and is able to confirm what Broadcom reported.

IBM verified that the failing PSW from the ABEND071 spin loop log records points directly after a DIAGNOSE 0204 instruction in Broadcom code.

IBM noticed that the problem happened in a z/VM environment on a z14 processor. 

IBM provided fix for VM VM66529 and also recommend installing VM66481.